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Houston Rug Cleaning Solution

Bagdad is Your Houston Rug Cleaning Solution

It only takes a split second for an accident to occur. One moment you’re sitting on your living room couch, enjoying your favorite TV show—and in the next moment, your glass falls and spills on your favorite rug. But there’s no need to panic: the situation can be quickly remedied with a rug cleaning visit to Bagdad Oriental Rugs.

As an enduring rug care institution in Houston, Bagdad is well equipped to handle your rug cleaning, rug washing and rug repair needs. Our unique rug cleaning facility has the state-of-the-art machinery to give your prized heirloom the service that it needs. What’s more, we have a trained staff of experienced rug technicians who combine machine wash methods with detailed hand washing to ensure the highest level of cleanliness, as well as enhance the rug’s overall look and texture.

Whether you reside in Humble, Cypress, Memorial or The Woodlands, Bagdad’s rug cleaning services are what you need to maintain a high-quality rug. For those rugs that cannot be washed by conventional means, we also offer a waterless rug dry-cleaning process that’s second to none. For more information, call or email us today!

Take a Rug Cleaning Journey with Us

As Bagdad, we take our status as a premier rug cleaning service seriously. For this reason, we take the time to pay attention to the details other rug care business may have missed. Here are steps we take toward making your rug good as new again:

1- Dust and particle removal: The first step in your rug’s journey comes when we remove excess particles with our professional-grade vacuum cleaners and our Automatic Rug Dusting System to remove excess dust.

2- Immersion process: Next, we immerse your rug in a shallow, fresh pool of water in order to relax the knotting in the back of the rug and efficiently remove deep-set dirt.

3- Application of chemical and enzyme-free soaps: With the rug now wet from its water bath, we apply chemical-free and enzyme-free soaps that are gentle on the rug’s fibers and colors while enabling us to get rid of stains.

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4- Deep-cleaning process: The following step is to initiate our deep cleansing process, which is to apply shampoo to the rug with a soft bristle brush machine that lifts away dirt from both sides of your rug.

5- Flatbed rug-washing process: Once your rug has been deep cleaned, it is placed into our flatbed rug washing machine that pushes out dirt and grime. Bagdad is proud to be one of the few area rug care providers to own and operate this advanced cleaning system.

6- Excess water removal: After it completes the flatbed process, your rug is inserted between two rollers applying approximately 250 lbs of pressure in order to remove excess water.

7- Specialized drying process: From there, your rug is hung to dry in a climate-controlled heated chamber so that it remains fresh and hygienic.

8- Fringe grooming and detailing: In the final step of our rug cleaning process, we hand scrub and groom your rug’s fringes so that your rug looks its best for when you pick it up for its final journey home.

For residents of Cypress Rug Cleaning Services, Humble Rug Cleaning Services, Memorial Rug Cleaning Services and The Woodlands Rug Cleaning Services, the destination to fantastic rug cleaning is closer than you think. Visit Bagdad Oriental Rugs today!