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Rug Cleaning Service Areas

Arranging Your Rug Cleaning

Whether you need rug cleaning, rug repair, or rug restoration services, Bagdad strives to provide exceptional customer service each and every time. We invite you to call or visit us anytime during our regular business hours for a consultation of your rug. Alternatively, you can contact us online to give us more information about your requested services. We even do pick up and delivery for our rug care customers when requested.

Hopefully we’ve been able to convince you by now that Bagdad truly is your best Houston rug cleaning solution. But don’t just take our word for it—stop by our store with your rug and allow us to return it to a like-new condition!

Bagdad Rug Cleaning

If your goal is to remove tough stains and spills, our time-tested rug cleaning services can do the job. We utilize a winning blend of state-of-the-art washing machines that powerfully cleanse the rug of deep-set grime and traditional detailed hand washing that removes the stains and other particulates that the machines may have missed. Together, these two techniques help ensure that our customers’ rugs receive the most thorough care possible. Most, if not all, rugs undergo our precise eight-step rug cleaning process, although there may be exceptions depending on the fabrics and dyes of a particular rug. To find out what level of rug cleaning care your rug needs, visit Bagdad Oriental Rugs today.

Bagdad Rug Repair

It can be devastating when you first notice a rip, hole or tear in your favorite rug—fortunately, the rug repair experts at Bagdad Oriental Rugs are here to help. Our rug repair goals are the same as yours: to mend any obvious (and even unnoticeable) damage to your rug and to restore it to a good-as-new condition (if not better). The range of rug repair services we offer at Bagada include the following: binding, overcasting, reweaving, re-dyeing, fringe replacement and fringe removal. Should you want to know which rug repair option might best fit your needs, bring your rug in for an in-house evaluation.

Bagdad Rug Restoration

Owners of fine and antique rugs know all too well that their beloved heirlooms will inevitably undergo age-related wear and tear. One way to reverse the effects of this wear and tear is to visit Bagdad Oriental Rugs for our rug restoration services. Those who own fine rugs often worry that rug repairs will be done so poorly that they decrease the value of their rug. With Bagdad, on the other hand, you never have to fear that the work of our rug restoration experts will be anything less than exemplary—in fact, they’re good enough to convince even the pickiest of rug owners. See the quality of our rug restoration work for yourself by visiting our Houston-area store.