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Why You Need a Rug Pad

It’s a question we’re often asked by rug owners: do I need to purchase a rug pad to protect my rug? Even when we answer in the affirmative, some people still aren’t sure and will ask again while adding the word really for emphasis. It’s as if they’re not sure whether rug stores are trying to pull a fast one by selling them a product they don’t need.

But let us put this fear to rest. Rug pads are an important and sorely overlooked part of rug care. Think of a rug pad as you would a seat belt in your car: sure, you don’t technically need it to drive but it provides the safety and security you need. The major difference, of course, is that seat belts are required by law. But the essential point is this: you never know when having that safety precaution will save you from greater damage down the road.

Here are four reasons why rug pads are a necessary addition to your rug and flooring space:

First and foremost, rug pads provide an element of safety. If you place your padless area rug on a hardwood or tile surface, there is an increased likelihood of rug bunch or rug creep. This can result in slip and fall accidents, particularly if there are young children or old people living in your home. But with a rug pad, your rug will stay securely in place. The rug pad affixes to both the underside of your rug and to the floor, thereby ensuring with minimal movement.

Second, rug pads offer protection that extends both the life of your rug and the flooring underneath it. Aside from being a potential safety hazard, rug bunching and creeping can also cause your rug to age and thin prematurely. Also, a rug without a pad can scratch up hardwood floors. A rug pad can mitigate these issues by serving as a buffer between rug and floor, as well as absorbing the impact you and members of your family make as they walk over the rug.

rug pad safety
rug pad protection

Third, the comfort and insulation of rug pads improves the experience of stepping on your rug. The extra padding decreases the impact on your feet and legs, lowers the amount of noise pollution caused by loud footsteps, and adds a layer of warmth for bare or cold feet.

Fourth and finally, rug pads can be of assistance where your home’s hygiene is concerned. Without you even realizing it, millions of microorganisms live in and under your rug. Such microorganisms can thrive unless you vacuum regularly and have the rug professionally washed. However, a rug pad can also serve as a deterrent that prevents them from developing inside your rug. Rug padding is also hypoallergenic, traps dirt and minimizes spills that can damage flooring.

As far as what kind of rug pad to get for your rug, we have a few suggestions. First and foremost, the type of flooring your rug will be laying on is a key factor in determining which rug padding is a right fit for you. If you will be laying the rugs on a hard surface, such as wood, engineered wood or tile, we recommend a few types of padding that range in thickness, style, and grip. A rug padding specialist can help you find the padding that is the appropriate fit for your rug and flooring needs. However, the thickness of the padding is up to your discretion.

Typically, if your rug pile is of the thicker and plusher variety, using a thinner pad would be recommended as raising up an already thick rug could become a tripping hazard. By the same token, a rug with a thinner pile would benefit from a thicker pad as it would protect the rug better from wear and would create a more luxurious feel while stepping on your rug. Hard surface padding is very important, as is padding for rugs that will be laid down on carpeting. The most problematic issue with rugs on carpets is that they shift and do not stay in place. In this instance, specialized padding is needed to adhere to the back of the rug and the carpet to prevent any rug creeping. The advantage of using a high quality pad is that it will not leave any sticky residue behind. There are many types of rug pads to choose from, but don’t be overwhelmed and remember that we have rug padding specialists that are always there to help you! Contact us today so that we can help you select the rug pad that’s right for you!