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Professional Rug Repair Services in Houston, Galleria Area

Bagdad Oriental Rugs: Houston’s Rug Repair Experts

Here’s the funny thing about rug damage: either it can happen slowly over time or it can appear in an instant. An example of rug damage caused over time might be the sort of age-related fraying to a delicate antique rug—by contrast, sudden rug damage (as the name implies) occurs unexpectedly and often results from an accident that leaves a rip, hole or tear. Both types of rug damage pose different challenges, but what they have in common is that they are repairable with the right level of rug repair care.

And that’s where Bagdad Oriental Rugs comes in. Located in Houston’s Galleria area, our rug repair service has sowed, mended and restored new and old pieces for over six decades. Our experienced rug “doctors” are skilled at bringing your beloved “patient” back to health. Bagdad is known for reviving and revitalizing rugs ranging from wool to silk to jute to so much more.

So how can Bagdad best serve your Houston rug repair needs? Call or visit us today and we’ll do what is needed to bring your treasured rug back good as new!

Several Keys to Bagdad Rug Repair

There are several means by which rug damage can be reversed. Learn more about some of our key Galleria rug repair methods below:

  • Binding: The purpose of binding is to prevent unraveling or fraying at the edges of your rug from unraveling, as well as keep those edges straight but not sharp!
  • Overcasting: Overcasting anchors rug knots so that they don’t loosen and come undone—we don’t need to tell you how important it is to have a rug that can keep itself together!
  • Fringe replacement and removal: With children, pets and vacuums continually pulling on them, it’s often hard to keep fringes looking their best, but we can integrate new fringes and eliminate old ones so seamlessly that you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference!
  • Fringe extensions: Aside from replacing and removing worn fringes, we can also extend pre-existing fringes and thereby enhance your conventional old rug with a fresh look!
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  • Reweaving: This technique is usually employed to re-stitch a rug’s missing portions in order to approximate its original condition, thus making it the ideal solution for damage caused by pests, pets or other forces beyond your control!
  • Re-dyeing: If you need to repair stains by matching the original color design, this seamless process is for you—and you’ll simply be amazed by how our rug repair experts are able to make your rug’s colors pop!
  • Wall mounts to hang rugs: For those rug aficionados who consider their antique rugs a work of art—and who are also interested in keeping them clean—wall hangings with the use of heavy-duty fabric as the backing is the way to go!
  • Restoring color running: Moisture from a variety of sources can cause color bleeding and running, which is where our rug care experts come in to bring those previously fabulous colors back to life!

If one or more of these services sound like what your rug needs, contact our Houston rug repair store today!