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Pasadena Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

Rugs come in all different shapes and sizes…not to mention fabrics, weavings, patterns and dye patterns. Therefore, each one needs to be cared for in its own unique way. Unfortunately, some rug stores take a cookie-cutter approach, cleaning and restoring each rug in the exact same way. Big mistake!

For those who don’t want their rugs to follow a cookie-cutter fate, turn to Bagdad Oriental Rugs instead for your professional rug cleaning needs. Our trained and experienced rug cleaning experts treat each rug as its own unique case. For instance, we would never wash a small area rug the same way we would clean a large heirloom rug. In fact, Bagdad takes a holistic approach that utilizes sophisticated rug washing technology with detailed hand washing. We also ensure that colors and patterns don’t bleed or fade by using techniques appropriate to the fiber type of your rug, thereby helping to protect their long-term beauty.

Here is a brief review of our rug cleaning methods:

  1. We remove surface level dust and particulates from your rug using professional, industrial strength vacuum and dusting machines.
  2. We immerse your rug in a shallow pool of warm water to help relax the knotting, thereby making it easier to remove grime inside the fibers.
  3. We apply chemical-free soaps that are gentle enough to prevent your rug’s colors from running, yet also strong enough to tackle deep-set stains.
  4. We use a soft-bristle brush machine to both sides of your rug in order to lift any remaining dirt residue.
  5. We place your rug in a flatbed washer to squeeze out any excess dirt and grime.
  6. We place your rug inside an industrialized roller to squeeze out any excess moisture.
  7. We hang dry your rug in a climate-controlled heating chamber.

Some of these steps may vary depending on your particular rug, but the above should give you a sense of our basic process. With over 70 years of experience serving Houston, Bagdad’s team of rug cleaning professionals are equipped to provide Pasadena residents. Call us today to learn more about our rug washing and rug repairing services…we look forward to helping you make sure your rugs look their very best!

Never fear, Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area residents! Whether your rug has holes, burns, tears, stains or loose seams and fringes, Bagdad Oriental Rugs can help. Since 1945, our Houston based rug store has provided customers with professional rug repair services that restore rugs to their original condition…and in some cases, even better than when they first acquired them!

Our talented team of rug repair professionals work with various rug fibers, weaves and dyes so that they’ll know what it takes to repair your particular rug. Whether your rug is Persian or Oriental, has one primary color or an array of hues, or if your rug is made of nylon or wool, we diagnose the condition of your rug and take the steps necessary to restore it.

Here are several of the key rug repair techniques we specialize in:

  • Binding – prevents rug fraying and damage
  • Overcasting – guards against rug fringe unraveling
  • Refringing – removes, replaces or extends rug fringes
  • Reweaving – adds missing rug portions
  • Re-dyeing – reverses rug color running and fading
  • And so much more!
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Our Houston rug restorers can make repairs to any rug, no matter how extensive the damage or complex the rug weave. Bring us your tired, worn-out rugs and be amazed when they come back to you looking better than ever!

At our full-service rug store, you’ll find that our rug rehabilitation don’t stop at fixing holes and repairing worn out sections. We also offer cleaning services that make your rug fresher than ever, making it nicer to look at and step on. There are two options for Pasadena residents in zip codes 77501, 77502, 77503 and 77504 looking to contact us for information before visiting our store in person. You can call us at 713-783-3500 or email us at Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!

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Pasadena Area Rug Store

Bagdad Oriental Rugs takes pride in being a Houston rug cleaning and rug repair institution since 1945. In addition to providing customers with needed services, we also supply them with rug care products like our area rug pads. These rug pads affix the rug to your flooring surface so that the rug stays in place rather than creep or bunch up when people walk on it, thereby preventing slip and fall accidents. The pads perform several additional functions, including providing comfort and insulation, protecting flooring surfaces from being scuffed, and helping to maintain a high level of hygiene inside your home by eliminating microorganisms living inside your rug.

Pasadena residents can gain a huge benefit by purchasing rug pads for their home. Not only are our rug pads affordably priced, they also provide long-term savings to your rug repair bills. Stop by our store today to see the benefits of our rug padding for yourself!

These custom cut pads are renowned for their superior performance and are well worth their affordable price. We encourage you to contact us today to find the rug pad that’s the perfect fit!