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Galveston Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

Galveston, TX Rug Cleaning Services

At Bagdad, we go the extra mile to ensure that your rug is thoroughly cleaned. To guarantee this, we blend both hand washing and machine washing methods. Using traditional hand washing and sophisticated machine washing technology in unison has been proven to achieve a complete clean that goes beyond the surface and into the fibers embedded deep within the rug. In addition, it allows the rich colors and soft textures of your rug to fully present themselves.

Imagine this scenario: you’re at home enjoying your expensive antique rug. Suddenly, the dog tracks mud and other debris from outside before running all over your rug. This causes you to get upset and accidentally spill the glass of red wine you were drinking. How are you ever going to clean up a mess this big?

Since 1946, Bagdad Oriental Rugs has provided Galveston rug owners with top-notch rug cleaning services. Our rug experts can treat everything from humble area rugs to expensive heirloom Oriental and Persian rugs. We employ the latest rug cleaning and rug washing techniques so that your piece is as good as new!

Bagdad’s qualified rug treatment technicians follow a rigorous cleaning and washing process. This cutting-edge process proceeds as follows:

  1. Removing excess dust and particles from the rug using a professional-grade vacuum.
  2. Immersing the rug in a shallow pool of fresh, warm water to clear away excess grime.
  3. Applying chemical and enzyme free soaps to get rid of the rug’s deep-set stains safely.
  4. Shampooing the rug with a soft bristle brush to lift dirt and grime still present in the rug.
  5. Squeezing out excess moisture from the rug using two rollers that apply heavy pressure.
  6. Drying the rug in a climate-controlled chamber to prevent the development of contaminants.
  7. Grooming the fringes by hand so that the rug can be presented to the customer for pick-up.

If you live in Galveston or anywhere in the greater Houston area, visiting our conveniently located rug store is a snap. When you stop by Bagdad with your new or antique rug, we’ll be sure to give it the rug washing or cleaning care it needs to make it like new. To get your free estimate, call us at 713-783-3500 or stop in for an in-person visit at our Westheimer location. Maintain the life and vitality of your rug with Bagdad Oriental Rugs!

Since 1946, Bagdad has repaired rugs in order to restore them to a like-new state. We offer a variety of rug repair options that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Rug binding to keep rug edges straight and prevent unraveling or fraying
  • Rug overcasting to keep rug edges and fringes from wearing or fading
  • Fringe removal or replacement to maintain the rug’s aesthetic appeal
  • Repairing or reweaving rug holes and tears caused by wear and tear
  • Re-dyeing faded colors in the rug caused by sun bleaching, water damage, etc.
  • Replacing wall mounts to hang the rug in order to preserve its long life

Bagdad performs a wide range of rug repairs and alterations. Our trained repair technicians employ a keen eye for detail and a patient hand that won’t rush the job until it is completed in a high-quality manner. The goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction as a customer so you’ll want to visit us again when circumstances call for it.

Galveston Rug Cleaning Repair
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At Bagdad, you’ll find a wide range of Persian, Oriental and other fine rugs that would make for an ideal addition to any home. In addition, we carry many useful rug care accessories, including top-notch rug pads that keeps rugs in place to prevent bunching and creeping. Above all, these pads provide long-term savings to your rug repair bill by helping to prevent the rips and tears that caused you to seek out rug repair services in the first place.

Bagdad is a proud member of the greater Houston community and is happy to serve residents throughout the Galveston area. We invite you to visit us today to see what we have in store for you. If you’re unable to come in person, contact us today at 713-783-3500 or to set up a rug repair appointment at your convenience!