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West University Place Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

West University Place Rug Cleaning & Washing

Have you been unlucky in your search for a West University Place rug cleaning business? If so, then count yourself fortunate because you just hit the jackpot with Bagdad Oriental Rugs! Our team of rug care experts are experienced in the art of cleaning and washing all manner of rugs. Whether it’s an antique Persian rug, an inexpensive area rug, or something in between, we know how to get your rug in tip-top shape so that you can enjoy it both now and in the future. .

Proudly serving the greater Houston area since 1946, Bagdad is a West University Place rug cleaning establishment with a long track record of success. One key reason for our success over the years is our use of the most cutting edge rug cleaning techniques. Typically, this includes a combination of thorough machine washing and detailed hand washing. In our expert opinion, this results in the most thorough rug cleaning possible. With that said, we take care to use only the right mix of hand and machine washing in order to achieve the best results for your rug.

Read below for a detailed, step-by-step description of our West University Place rug cleaning and rug washing services:

Step 1. Removing dirt, dust and other particulates with a professional vacuum and our Automatic Rug Dusting System.

Step 2: Placing the rug in a pool of shallow, warm water, thereby loosening rug fibers and releasing deep-set dirt.

Step 3: Applying chemical- and enzyme-free soaps while rug is wet to rid it of any remaining particulates.

Step 4: Using a soft-bristle brush so that the soap can penetrate rug fibers.

Step 5: Inserting the rug in a flatbed rug washer in order to squeeze out excess moisture.

Step 6: Hanging the rug in a climate controlled heating chamber to dry.

Step 7: Performing final grooming touches to fringes before the customer picks it up.

Along with our standard rug washing procedures, we also offer exemplary West University Place rug dry cleaning for speciality pieces that shouldn’t be submerged in water. As with all rugs that we work on, our rug technicians will appraise which cleaning steps are appropriate prior to working on your rug. To schedule a free estimate of our services, call us at (713) 783-3500!

West University Place Rug Repair & Rug Restorations

With so many rug types, it might be difficult to believe that there’s a West University Place rug repair store capable of restoring them all. But that is exactly the case with Bagdad Oriental Rugs. If you don’t believe us, we welcome the opportunity to give your rug a free estimate. During our inspection, we’ll determine the means of rug restoration you’ll require and discuss your options for bringing it back to its former glory.

The list of West University Place rug repair services we provide include rug binding, rug overcasting, rug reweaving, rug re-dyeing, rug mounting, fringe replacement and fringe removal. Each of these services are designed to mend holes, rips, tears and other damage to your rug in order to extend the life of the piece or to enhance its potential resale value. With our combined years of rug restoration experience, the Bagdad repair team knows what’s needed to bring out the best in your particular rug. The best compliment we can receive is when visitors to your home can’t tell that any work was done to your rug in the first place!

We’re happy to answer any additional questions you may have about our West University Place rug repair and restoration techniques. Simply call or visit us anytime during our regular business hours, and don’t forget to take advantage of our free estimate so you can hear for yourself the specific steps we’ll take to repair your beloved rug.

West University Place rug cleaning repair

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West University Place Area Rug Store & Rug Sale

So by now you know all about the fantastic rug cleaning and rug repair services that are available at our West University Place rug store. But amazingly enough, Bagdad Oriental Rugs has even more to offer rug afficinandos. In particular, we stock an amazing array of new and antique rugs, as well as a full line of rug care products and accessories. Among the more popular of these accessories are our area rug pads that prevent rugs from the sort of skidding and bunching that can lead to long-term damage. Stop by our store today so that we can further explain their benefits.

If you’re in the West University Place area, we hope you’ll grace us with a visit. Alternatively, you can give us a call at (713) 783-3500. Either way, we look forward to working with you soon!