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Pearland Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

Pearland Rug Cleaning Services

Rugs can add a great deal of beauty and comfort to any room. But when they become dirty, they can be an eyesore that release dust, mold and other particulates in the air, resulting in allergic reactions, cold- or flu-like symptoms and respiratory issues. Therefore, your best bet to protect the health of your family in Pearland is rug cleaning services such as those provided by Bagdad Oriental Rugs.

Under normal conditions, you should get your rug professionally cleaned about once or twice a year. We recommend that households with pets and young children consider cleaning their rugs once per season. The greater cleaning frequency is suggested because regular vacuums can only pick up dirt on the surface of the rug. By contrast, our thorough rug washing techniques remove the particulates embedded deep in the rug’s fibers. That’s why you need to contact Bagdad so that we make the rugs in your Pearland home look and feel like new.

Our rug cleaning process combines cutting-edge technology with hand-detailed attention from our rug technicians. We provide rug washing services that immerse rugs in water before thoroughly drying them through our flatbed rug washer that squeezes every last bit of moisture from your rug. In addition, we offer dry cleaning for specialty rugs that shouldn’t be washed in water. Regardless of your rug cleaning and washing needs, Bagdad can meet and even exceed your expectations.

Here are some key facts you should you know about our rug cleaning process:
  1. Not only do we clear your rug of any particulates below and beneath the surface at our Houston-based rug store, it is thoroughly dried when you come by to pick it up. No more worrying about soggy rug feel or musty rug smells!
  2. Our staff of experienced rug experts are thoroughly trained in the art of rug care. They can answer any questions or address any concerns you may have in order to deliver the best possible service!
  3. We provide convenient scheduling options for you to drop off your dirty rug at our store and come back to pick up it cleaned according to your specifications. At Bagdad, our goal is total customer satisfaction!

In addition, Bagdad offers a host of goods and services like rug restoration to extend the life of your rug. Contact us during our normal hours of operation and we’ll be happy to discuss these options with you in greater detail!

Pearland’s Rug Repairing Professionals

A rug’s value can be defined in so many ways, whether it’s the financial value of an antique rug or the sentimental value of a rug you’ve treasured for years. Because you value your particular rug so much, it can be painful to see it damaged in any way. Fortunately, the team at Bagdad Oriental Rugs is equipped to complete a wide range of rug repair tasks for those residing in the greater Pearland area.

Our rug repair technicians can mend rips, tears, holes and other damage no matter how extreme it may appear. Whatever damage your rug suffered when you first bring it to our rug store will be reversed with the appropriate rug repair techniques. Our years of experience working with a variety of rug dyes and rug fiber types ensures that we can make the appropriate fixes to your rug without damaging its long term value or quality.

Here are but a few of the repair techniques we specialize in:

  • Restoration
  • Re-fringing
  • Rebinding
  • Reweaving
  • Padding
  • Color Dyeing
  • Binding
pearland rug cleaning repair

Bagdad is proud to service the greater Pearland area, including those residing in Brazoria County, Fort Bend and Harris counties within the greater Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area. We hope you’ll visit us in person, but we’d be more than happy to schedule a rug repair appointment via phone or e-mail as well!

pearland oriental rug store

Pearland Area Rug Store

As if the assorted rug care services we offer at Bagdad Oriental Rugs weren’t enough, we also provide our customers with rug products and accessories that you’re sure to love. For instance, take our custom-fit area rug pads, which are renowned for their superior performance and affordable prices. These rug pads are versatile enough to be used on a variety of flooring and rug surfaces, as well as tough enough to stay securely in place through all manner of foot traffic.

If you’re a citizen of Pearland, you should know that our store is conveniently located from any of the following area codes: 77047, 77089, 77581, 77584 and 77588. Wherever you may live in the greater Houston area, Bagdad is here to give you the level of rug washing, rug repair and rug restoration services you deserve!

These custom cut pads are renowned for their superior performance and are well worth their affordable price. We encourage you to contact us today to find the rug pad that’s the perfect fit!