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Rug Repair

Quality Rug Repair Services

Over 6 decades, Bagdad Oriental Rugs has been restoring rugs back to their original condition as well as altering them to fit their client’s needs. We know how important your rug is to you and how frustrating it can be when you find your rug damaged or needing alterations. With our experienced technicians’ attention to detail and patience, they will be able to revive your rug’s health and mend your rug to meet your needs!

We perform a wide range of rug repair and alterations. Some of our most common projects are, but are not limited to:

rug repair bindingThe rug’s binding is very important as it functions to keep the edges of the rug from unraveling or becoming frayed. It additionally helps upkeep the beauty of your rug. It is quite common for your rug’s binding to become damaged from the vacuum cleaner, furniture or even pets. No matter how damaged, we are able to fix your binding seemlessly!

rug repair overcastingAn over-cast is needed when your rug starts unraveling along the fringes or the end of the rug. This “over-cast” stitch anchors the knots in place so that the rug does not further come undone. With our diligent technicians, we assure you that your rug will be given the utmost care and will stop unraveling!

rug repair Fringe-ReplacementYour fringe reflects the overall quality of your rug, so it is important to have them looking their best. Most cases of fringe damage are due to the vacuum pulling too hard on the fringe or pets using the fringe as their personal chew toy. Regardless, we are able to replace your fringe seamlessly so your rug will look its absolutely best!

fringe removal bagdad rug repairingMany clients opt to remove their fringe as they are tired of struggling with the vacuum. The constant pulling of the vacuum cleaner can seriously damage the fringe causing fray, irregularity, and ultimately unraveling. It is a great option which provides convenience and maintains the beauty of the rug.

Fringe Extensions repairing rugFringe extensions are usually performed when portions of the fringe are missing or frayed. Also clients ask for this service to elongate their fringe’s length to enhance the beauty of their rug. When a technician is performing a fringe extension, they are reweaving the fringe into the base of the rug to give it a more natural look, which matches the motif of the rug they are repairing.

reweaving oriental rug repairWhether your rug has been damaged by moths, pets, or furniture, missing portions of your rug can be quite unsightly. Our technicians are able to seamlessly reweave and re-stitch missing portions of your rug to bring it back to its original condition.

Redyeing rugOccasionally our washing process cannot remove certain stains, such as wine, urine, feces, blood, wax as well as chocolate; so in these cases those rugs need to undergo a re-dyeing process by our experienced color technicians. They are able to remove the stained color in the wool and then re-dye it to match the original color and design. It is absolutely seamless, and you will be astonished at the transformation of your rug!

rug wall mountRugs and tapestries are truly works of art, and just like paintings, clients desire to hang them on their wall. Our experienced technicians have been helping our clients hang their rugs by adding an additional heavy-duty fabric to the backing intended to be used with a curtain rod. It is a great option, especially when you want to preserve your rug and keep it clean!

rug color running repairMost color runs that occur in rugs are due to exposure to moisture. Moisture from floods, spills, animal urine or even humidity can damage rugs, making dyes bleed into each other, usually beginning with the reds. Our experienced color technicians are able to flawlessly restore your rug by removing all the excess color run and then re-dying portion to bring it back to its original color. You will be astonished by the amazing work our color technicians are able to perform.

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