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Humble Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

Humble, TX Rug Cleaning Services

Searching for a reliable rug cleaning service near Humble, TX? Look no further than the rug cleaning experts at Bagdad Oriental Rugs!

Customers have trusted Bagdad with revitalizing their new and antique area rugs since 1946. Over the decades we’ve proven ourselves as one of the most reliable rug cleaning companies in the Houston area. No matter how tough the stains or grime on your rug may be, Bagdad’s rug care professionals can remove them safely and effectively.

We achieve these results while avoiding the rug color bleeding, over-shampooing and other disastrous effects of inexperienced and/or careless rug care. Instead, we provide deep cleaning solutions through a combination of time-tested rug cleaning methods along with the latest technologies. Other rug companies say they’ll give you a thoroughly clean rug, but Bagdad has the technical expertise and sophisticated machinery to deliver on that promise.

At Bagdad Oriental Rugs, our Humble rug cleaning methods go above and beyond what most companies do in treating their rugs. Rather than taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach to rug care, we employ a fusion of rug washing methods. We seek to give our customers the best of both worlds: the hand-detailing skills of our rug artisans and the cutting-edge machinery housed at our Houston-area rug store. Through this multi-layered approach, Bagdad is able to offer rug cleaning results that rid the piece of dirt, dust and other impurities, as well as bring out the natural aesthetic beauty and soft feel of the rug itself.

Unfortunately, a number of our rug cleaning competitors are content to dunk your rug in a tub of abrasive chemicals. This may give the rug the surface appearance of cleanliness, but ultimately cleaning chemicals do more harm than good to the overall state of your rug. By contrast, Bagdad utilizes chemical and enzyme-free soaps that are gentle on your rug but also strong enough to lift the toughest, deep-set stains.

In addition, we provide the option of rug dry cleaning services that are specifically tailored to the needs of your rug. We do this because we recognize that certain area rugs cannot withstand prolonged exposure to water without ruining the fibers. Among the rug types that typically benefit from dry cleaning include:

  • Silk rugs
  • Animal hides
  • Natural fiber rugs
  • Rugs prone to color run
  • Antique and fragile rugs
  • Hook rugs
  • Some soumak rugs

Humble, TX Rug Repairing & Restorations

With over 70 years of industry experience, Bagdad Oriental Rugs takes great pride in providing customers with exceptional rug repair service. Bagdad has seen it all during the seven decades we’ve been in business. Therefore, that makes us uniquely qualified to be your one-stop rug repair shop. When you bring your rug in for repairs, the Bagdad team will assess its overall state of your rug perform the necessary fixes that will restore it to a like-new condition.

For those wondering about the extent of Bagdad’s services, here’s what our Humble rug repair experts can do for you:

  • Remove and replace rug fringes
  • Repair the binding to unraveling or fraying rugs
  • Repair rips, tears and holes in areas of rug
  • Reverse signs of wear and tear to rug fibers
  • Remount rugs for easy wall display
  • Re-dye faded or bleeding rug colors
  • And so much more
Humble Rug Cleaning Repair

There are things you can do to extend the life of your rug, such as keeping them out of rooms that receive high foot traffic or excessive amounts of sunlight. We recommend these steps for rugs that are more prone to damage like antique rugs or those with delicate fibers. By contrast, newer, sturdier rugs are well suited to hallways and foyers, since they are less likely to be significantly damaged by heavy traffic or constant sunlight exposure. At the same time, be aware that other factors, such as rug bunching and rug creeping, slip and fall accidents, and pet and insect damage, that can result in rug repair issues over the long term.

On the whole, being a rug owner has more pluses than minuses. That is, as long as you take common sense steps to protect your rug. At the same time, don’t be too hard on yourself—if you own a rug long enough, damage is bound to occur. But with Bagdad, you can prevent and even reverse most, if not all, common rug repair issues. Contact us today to find out how our rug repair professionals can ensure the life of your rug for generations to come.

Humble oriental rug store

Humble, TX Area Rug Store

Bagdad Oriental Rugs has offered top-notch rug repair to residents of Humble and the greater Houston area. Our one-stop rug shop also has a wide selection of rug cleaning and rug restoration services, new and antique rugs, rug care accessories and more. We invite you to come see us sometime at our Houston location or call 713-783-3500 for more information. Thanks for choosing Bagdad!