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Rug Cleaning

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Bagdad Oriental Rug’s one-of-a-kind rug cleaning facility utilizes a fusion of rug washing methods, which couples the hand-detailing of highly skilled technicians with the most sophisticated rug washing machinery on the market. With these techniques, we are able to enhance your rugs, bringing out the richness in color and softness of the wool.

In addition, we also offer a superb rug dry-cleaning process that is best used for rugs or tapestries in which water should not be applied. This process is most employed for antique or fragile rugs, some tapestries as well as silk masterpieces. Our technicians have decades of experience, and with their specialized techniques, they clean your rug square inch by square inch!

Our Unique Rug Cleaning & Washing Process Includes:

dust-and-particle-gcAfter you drop of your rug, the first step of rug cleaning is to remove all excess particles and dust before we begin the deep cleansing process. We use our professional-grade vacuum cleaner to remove any large object off your rug and then use our Automatic Rug Dusting System to remove all excess dust. Dust is notorious for scratching and scraping your rug’s fibers and can accumulate up to 1lb per square foot!

upbAfter the excess dust and particles are removed, we soak your rug in a shallow, fresh pool of water to help relax the knotting in the back of your rug. This part of rug cleaning process enables us to access as well as remove the grime and dirt that has been deposited into your rug over the years.

rugpathosAfter your rug has been immersed in water, we take this opportunity to apply chemical-free and enzyme-free soap to your rug in order to preserve the original color and condition. We ensure that the soaps we use are gentle on your rug while tackling the deepest of stains.

bagdadseoOnce the soap is applied, we start our deep cleansing process by shampooing the rug in a circular fashion with a soft bristle brush machine. This technique creates a lifting action where any dirt or grime that is present inside of your rug will be lifted out and washed away! Additionally, we do this to both sides of your rug to ensure a true deep rug cleaning!

bagdad_neoAfter the deep cleansing process, we place your rug in our flatbed rug washing system. During this process, this sophisticated machinery uses water pressure to push all the dirt and grime through your rug, cleaning your rug square foot by square foot! This specialized equipment places Bagdad Oriental Rugs as a leader in the rug washing industry as no local competitors own such an advanced cleaning system!

wash-a-rugAfter your rug has been thoroughly cleaned, we immediately remove all the excess water from your rug between two rollers applying approximately 250 lbs of pressure. Removing excess water is important as it reduces chances of color running and improves the softness of your rug as well as drying time.

rug-drying-processOnce all the excess water has been removed, your rug is hung-dry and transported to a separate climate-controlled heated chamber to complete the drying process. This step is very important as it prevents any contaminants from developing, as well as ensuring your rug lays flat.

bagdad-upb-fringeAfter your rug is fully dry, we hand scrub and groom your fringes. It is important that your fringes look their best as it reflects the overall health and condition of the rug. Once this step is complete, your rug is ready to be picked up and go back to its home!