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Tomball Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

Are you looking for a Tomball rug cleaning service that can transform your dirty and disheveled area rugs into a clean and fresh smelling one?

Rugs. For over 70 years, Bagdad has helped Houston rug owners keep their rugs looking brand spanking new, and we can do the same for you!

At Bagdad, we employ Tomball rug cleaning experts who are highly experienced in all kinds of dirt and grime. Did you spill red wine on your favorite fine rug? Not a problem! Have your kids and/or pets tracked dirt in from outside and stepped all over your area rug? No sweat! Our rug cleaning team has seen it all over the years and are well-equipped to give your rug the care it deserves.

Here’s our time-tested Tomball rug cleaning and washing process:

  1. We remove dust, dirt and other particulates from your rug by using a professional-grade vacuum cleaner and our patented Automatic Rug Dusting System.
  2. After the excess grime is removed, your rug is then placed in a shallow pool of water in order to loosen the knotting and thereby release deep-set grime inside the rug fibers.
  3. Once your rug is soaked, we apply chemical- and enzyme-free soap that gently lifts difficult rug stains.
  4. Next, we shampoo your rug via a soft bristle brush machine that penetrates inside the rug fibers, thereby providing the deepest clean possible.
  5. Following the deep clean process, your rug is placed in a flatbed rug washer that pushes out the dirt and grime which the soap and shampoo brought to the surface.
  6.  To further the drying process, we place your rug between two rollers that apply heavy pressure to squeeze out any remaining moisture.
  7. With your rug having been wrung of remaining water, it is then hung in a controlled heating chamber so that all sides of it are able to dry.
  8. Finally, we take the dry rug and perform final grooming touches that bring out the natural vitality and beauty of your rug.

In short, our Tomball rug cleaning machines add to the exquisite, deep clean experience you get with Bagdad. Along with our team of rug cleaning experts, Bagdad utilizes state-of-the-art rug dry cleaning for rugs that require a more delicate touch. To find out what rug cleaning or washing service will work best for your rug, call (713) 783-3500 for a free estimate!

Your search for a reputable Tomball rug repair business won’t be in vain when you visit Bagdad Oriental Rugs. In fact, we see it as our mission to repair and restore rugs regardless of rips, holes, tears and fraying. If other Houston rug repair stores have told you that restoring your rug is impossible, take it to Bagdad and let us work on a miracle!

Our talented Tomball rug repair and restoration experts are experienced in rug weaving and rebinding techniques. But they do more than just fix the rips and tears that can be found on your rug. They perform a wide range of rug repair and alteration work that includes the following: overcasting, re-dyeing, fringe replacement and removal, color restoration and wall mounting. All of these valuable rug restoration services will help ensure that your rug has a long and glamorous “life” for years to come.

Tomball rug cleaning repair

For those worried about whether we can do the job, let us reassure you by reminding you of our decades of Tomball rug repair service. We take our role as rug restorers seriously and will treat your new or antique rug as if it were our own. So call or email us ASAP and let us get started on getting your rug back on the mend!

Tomball oriental rug store

Tomball Area Rug Store

Bagdad Oriental Rugs is proud to be your Tomball area solution for rug cleaning and rug repair. But did you know that we also carry a wide line of new and antique rugs as well? In fact, one of those rugs might be the perfect compliment to your home decor or a replacement for a rundown model. In addition, we offer an impressive selection of rug care products and accessories, including custom-fit area rugs that prevent creeping and bunching.

We hope you’ll come see us sometime at our area rug store location in the greater Houston area. Simply visit the Contact Us page for more information. Alternatively, you can call us at 713-783-3500 or reach out through the contact us form below the page. The Bagdad team looks forward to providing you with the exceptional rug care you’ve been looking for!