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Houston Rug Cleaning Services

Houston Rug Cleaning Services You Can Rely On

Since 1946, Bagdad Oriental Rugs has served Houston’s need for effective, affordable rug cleaning services. Our rug care methods have evolved over the years in order to incorporate the latest rug washing machinery available. At the same time, our skilled hand washing artisans continue to use time-tested techniques to ensure the deepest possible clean. We believe that this blend of old and new contributes to the best possible results: the colors are brighter, the fabrics softer and the rug’s overall look greatly enhanced.

Along with our expert rug washing, Bagdad is also proud to provide rug dry cleaning services for antique and fragile rugs and tapestries. Rather than immerse such pieces in water, as we would during our rug washing process, we dry clean the rug by hand using stain fighting enzymes that remove deep-set dirt and grime. From silk rugs and animal hides to older Oriental and Persian rugs, Bagdad can make sure each and every square inch is squeaky clean and pristine!

Kingwood’s Rug Cleaning Choice

When you’re looking for a rug cleaning service near Kingwood, look no further than Bagdad Oriental Rugs. Our Kingwood-area rug cleaners have faced every cleaning challenge you can throw at it, ranging from stains, spills or just an accumulation of dirt over the years. What’s more, we staff a team of rug reweaving and binding specialists who can perform a full restoration of your rug if necessary. At the end of the day, our main goal is to provide your rug with that brand-new look they once had.

Whether your rug is made of silk, wool, cotton or synthetics, Bagdad can take on any rug fabric type and deliver exceptional results. If you need a Kingwood rug cleaning, contact us today!

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Call the Tomball Rug Cleaning Pros

We don’t mean to brag, but Tomball rug cleaning options don’t come much better than Bagdad Oriental Rugs. What makes us able to make this claim? One key reason is our talented rug cleaning staff, in which each team member pays close attention to detail and uses nimble, experienced hands to ensure detailed, top-notch cleaning results. We take special care to make sure that rug colors don’t run and that the piece maintains its original shape and texture.

With Bagdad, you can rest assured that we’ll take the utmost care of your beloved rug. We invite you to call us to schedule your free estimate, or visit our shop to see the great Tomball rug cleaning results for yourself!

Experience the Best Rug Cleaning in Pearland

For residents in Pearland, rug cleaning has gotten a whole lot easier thanks to Bagdad Oriental Rugs. Our rug cleaning team is committed to its mission to provide high quality rug cleaning performance and total customer satisfaction.

It’s clear that no two rugs are exactly alike, especially when you consider the variety of fabrics, weaves, patterns and colors available. With that in mind, we believe in taking an individual approach to rug cleaning that takes into account multiple factors before arriving at the ideal rug care solution. Find out more by calling or visiting us today!