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Bellaire Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

Bagdad has been in the Houston rug cleaning and rug repair business, so as the saying goes this isn’t our first rodeo. In fact, our rug cleaning process is quite thorough. Before anything is done to your rug, we thoroughly evaluate its physical state by assessing the quality of the material and searching for rips, tears and faded colors. Regardless of what type of rug you own, we utilize hand cleaning and special machines to get the job done. Here’s a detailed, step-by-step account of our rug washing process:

Is it time for you to clean the rugs inside your home? Whether it’s a delicate antique rug, an expensive modern rug or even just a favorite area rug, Bagdad Oriental Rugs can wash or dry clean it effectively. Other rug cleaners either use chemicals that make colors run or techniques that fail to remove deep-set dirt. Not so with Bagdad’s experienced Bellaire rug cleaning experts, who can provide a deep clean that restores your rug to its former glory.

Step 1: Removal of excess dust and particles
Step 2: Immersion in warm water to wash away dirt
Step 3: Applying chemical-free soaps to clean remaining stains
Step 4: Shampooing to lift deep-set dirt and grime to the surface
Step 5: Using a flatbed washer to push out excess dirt
Step 6: Squeezing out excess moisture with pressurized rollers
Step 7: Hang drying in a heated chamber before hand grooming fringes

Still need convincing about the quality of our services? We’d be happy to discuss with you the best means of taking care of your rug. Our rug store is conveniently located whether you live in Harris County or anywhere in the Houston–Sugar Land–Baytown metropolitan area. Simply drop by during our normal business hours or call us at 713-783-3500 to schedule an appointment!

Let’s face it: your rug has seen better days. It may have holes, tears, stains or loose ends as a result of months, possibly even years, of neglect. Owning a rug for any length of time practically guarantees the fact that it’ll need repairing. Want to ensure that those rug repairs are done right? Then take your rug to Bagdad Oriental Rugs, a Houston rug repair institution since 1945, so that we can provide you with professional rug weaving, binding and re-dyeing services.

Bellaire rug owners often find the trip to our Houston-area location well worth their while.

We provide a complete range of rug repair services able to address issues such as these:

  • Small holes and tears
  • Large holes and rips
  • Stains and smears
  • Water damage
  • Pet or child stains
  • Insect damage
  • Permanent inks and dyes
  • Color fading and running
  • Damaged edges and corners
  • Age-related fabric fraying
bellaire rug cleaning repair

Whatever damage your rug may have suffered, our rug experts will carefully inspect your rug and make the appropriate repairs. You can also take advantage of our rug cleaning and washing services to rid your rug of distasteful odors from sources like pet stains and cigarette smoke. Our talented rug weavers will be able to match the correct fiber to your particular rug, while our experienced dyeing technicians can make the colors as bright and as inviting as when you first bought the rug.

In summation, we’re able to do whatever’s necessary to restore your rug to its former glory. Call or email us now at to learn more about our rug repair services and specials.

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Bellaire Area Rug Store

As a full-service rug washing and rug restoration shop, Bagdad Oriental Rugs carries products and accessories that help our Houston customers care for their rugs at home. One of the most popular and useful products we carry are our area rug pads. Rug pads are useful in a number of ways: they prevent rug bunching that can lead to slips and falls; they provide comfort and insulation for those who step on them; they protect rugs from fraying and floors from becoming scuffed and scratched; and they help keep the home cleaner by lessening the presence of microorganisms living inside your rug.

Our rug pads are priced to fit anyone’s budget and are well worth for the long-terms savings they provide to your rug repair bills. To see the benefits for yourself, Bellaire residents in the 77401 and 77402 zip codes can visit our conveniently located rug store in person. We look forward to meeting you!

These custom cut pads are renowned for their superior performance and are well worth their affordable price. We encourage you to contact us today to find the rug pad that’s the perfect fit!