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Memorial Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

Memorial Rug Cleaning Services

What makes Bagdad Oriental Rugs a Memorial rug cleaning service you can trust? The answer is simple: our experienced rug care experts know rugs and what it takes to treat them. No one understands better than Bagdad that each rug is unique—methods that would work on one type of rug may not work for your rug, and in fact could make things worse.

Therefore, we make sure to first identify your rug’s specific dyes and fibers before devising a cleaning regimen that enhances the look and feel of your rug.

Over the years we’ve worked hard to refine and update our Memorial rug cleaning methods. Some Houston rug cleaning companies primarily hand wash your rugs, while others only use washing machines. But at Bagdad, we believe that blending the two methods provides customers with the best of both worlds. Hand washing rugs allows us to work on the smaller details our machines might miss, while our state-of-the-art rug washing machinery has the power to eliminate tough stains that can’t be removed by hand. Thanks to these techniques, Bagdad is able to protect delicate fabrics, prevent dye bleeding and fading, and preserve the overall quality of your rug.

The Bagdad rug cleaning process proceeds as follows:

  1. We vacuum and dust your rug to remove surface level dirt and particulates;
  2. We immerse your rug in a pool of shallow water in order to loosen up the knotting;
  3. We apply chemical and enzyme-free soap that gently eliminates deep-set stains;
  4. We use shampoo and a soft bristle brush machine to lift any remaining grime;
  5. We place your rug in a flatbed rug washer to apply water pressure that forces out stubborn dirt;
  6. We insert your rug between two heavy rollers to squeeze out excess moisture;
  7. We hang your rug in a climate-controlled heating chamber; and
  8. We perform final hand grooming touches prior to your arrival to pick up your newly scrubbed rug.

If you want to know more about our rug cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to ask. Call one of our Memorial rug cleaning experts today at 713-783-3500!

Memorial Rug Repairing & Restorations

How do you know when you need a Memorial rug repair team to restore your rug? There are a number of tell-tale signs: perhaps the binding on your rug has gotten loose over the years. Maybe your rug’s knotting needs reweaving. Or it could be that your rug’s fringes and edges have become tattered beyond recognition. Whatever your repair need (or needs) may be, Bagdad Oriental Rugs can get the job done!

Our dedicated team of Memorial rug repair and restoration experts are the ideal candidates to revive your rug. Bagdad’s rug care experts routinely perform a variety of tasks, from mending antique rugs that experience age-related wear and tear to fixing newer rugs with a fresh rip or tear. Bagdad employees have decades of professional rug repair and restoration work to their credit—each member of the team has a keen eye for detail and a steady hand that guarantees that their work will be of the highest quality.

Memorial rug cleaning repair

Here are several of the rug repair and restoration projects that we handle on a regular basis:

  • Binding – prevents rug edges from unraveling or becoming frayed
  • Overcasting – anchors rug knots in place so that edges and fringes don’t unravel
  • Fringe replacement – adds new rug fringes that have become worn or destroyed
  • Fringe removal – subtracts existing rug fringes that have become unmanageable
  • Fringe extensions – reweaves fringes where necessary for a full and complete look
  • Reweaving – repairs rug damage caused by outside factors such as pet damage
  • Re-dyeing – restores rug colors that are fading, bleeding, running or stained
  • Wall mounts – installs heavy duty fabric that enables rug hanging for display

Bagdad offers our Memorial rug repair talents for nearly every rug under the sun: Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, Moroccan rugs, dhurries, kilims, and more. We even provide pick-up and delivery upon request. To learn more about our services, or for a free estimate, call us at 713-783-3500!

Memorial oriental rug store

Memorial Area Rug Store

Since 1946, Bagdad has been a rug cleaning and rug repair institution for the city of Houston. But we have much more in store than that—come visit our Memorial area rug store and feast your eyes on our luxurious rug collection. Whether you’re in the market for a high-end antique rug or an everyday area rug for your home, Bagdad has the goods. And don’t forget our custom-fit area rug pads that protect your rug by keeping it firmly in place, thereby preventing rug creeping and bunching that can ruin your rug over the long run.

Find out more about what Bagdad can do for you by setting up a rug care appointment with us today. You can call us at 713-783-3500 or reach out to us through the contact form below the page. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you soon!