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Galleria Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

Why do you need your rugs professionally cleaned on a regular basis? Allow us to count the ways:

  • You have pets and/or small children that naturally make your home dirtier
  • Your rugs are in areas with high foot traffic, thereby increasing the chances for tracking dirt, mud and other detritus inside your home
  • You own an older or antique rug that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned in some time, if ever
  • You or someone you know made a major mess or spill on your rug that a vacuum or household cleaners can’t fix
  • You haven’t been able to wash your rug for an extended period of time and it needs some long-awaited TLC

No matter which of these scenarios apply to you, you should know that getting your rug cleaned is a snap with Bagdad Oriental Rugs. Since 1945, we’ve provided Houston residents with professional, high quality rug cleaning services. Houstonians living in the Galleria district are within convenient driving distance to our full-service rug washing, rug repair and restoration restoration business.

Another question you may have is the frequency of rug cleaning appointments you should make. The answer may vary depending on the overall conditions of your rug, but we recommend to our customers that they get their rugs washed on an average of once or twice a year. The reason we make that recommendation is that a six-month period is about the length of time it takes for a brand new or newly cleaned rug to accumulate deep-set dirt and grime. Even the most powerful vacuum or the strongest household cleaning agents won’t be enough to thoroughly clean your rug. Therefore, your best course of action is to trust the rug cleanings professionals at Bagdad!

Here’s a scenario to which we all can relate: you’re enjoying your fine antique area rug until one of your kids or pets makes a rip, tear or hole that damages both the material and your peace of mind. With Bagdad Oriental Rugs, you need not worry any longer about protecting your financial and emotional investment in your costly rugs. Whatever the damage may be, our trained rug repair and restoration experts can revive your rug.

As a Galleria rug repair store, we are able to offer a variety of rug repair services that include the following:

  • Replacing, removing or extending fringes
  • Reweaving holes and other missing/damaged portions
  • Rebinding to protect material from damage
  • Overcasting to prevent unraveling fringes or ends
  • Re-dyeing colors and reversing fading/running
  • And so much more…
galleria rug cleaning repair

With over 70 years in the Houston rug restoration business, Bagdad has built a name for itself as a full-service rug business able to satisfy the rug repair needs of our clients. Whether you live in Galleria zip codes like 77024, 77056 and 77057, or if you call another part of Houston your home, you can count on us to keep on delivering top-notch services at affordable prices!

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Galleria Area Rug Store

As if our rug cleaning, washing, repair and restoration services weren’t enough, Bagdad Oriental Rugs also carries a variety of rug care products. Among the products we’re most proud to carry are our area rug pads, which are made of a material that works on any flooring surface and allows for long-lasting adhesion. Other key benefits of our rug pads include preventing rips and tears, decreasing the incidence of accidents caused by rug bunching. Perhaps most importantly, these high quality rug pads are an affordable addition to any rug care budget, particularly once you see the significant savings you’ll see to your rug care expenses.

For more information about our our rug store products, or to schedule a rug cleaning or rug repair appointment, simply drop by our Houston rug store. You can also contact us by calling us at 713-783-3500 or emailing us at Thanks for your interest in Bagdad Oriental Rugs and we hope to see you soon!

These custom cut pads are renowned for their superior performance and are well worth their affordable price. We encourage you to contact us today to find the rug pad that’s the perfect fit!