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League City Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

League City, TX Rug Cleaning Services

To be honest, the rug in your League City home has probably seen better days. After years of ownership, the defects in your rug have become clear: there’s a rip here, a hole there, some liquid spills that caused wide stains. You get the picture. But before you decide to throw in the towel on your rug, give the rug cleaning experts at Bagdad Oriental Rugs a call.

Why should you trust Bagdad? For starters, our rug cleaning and repair shop has served Houston and League City customers for over 70 years. That level of experience gives us the expertise to treat all manner of rugs, from new area rugs to antique Oriental and Persian pieces. We combine our years of experience in the rug business with the latest washing and cleaning machinery, thereby ensuring that your rug looks better going out than it did coming in!

Our professional rug cleaning operation does more than merely submerge your rug in a chemical cleaning solution. At Bagdad, we do more than just get rid of obvious stains and musty odors—we also treat color bleeding and fading issues that mar the beauty of your rug, as well as offer total restoration of antique and fine rugs. In short, Bagdad is a full-service shop that literally goes beneath the surface to deep clean rugs for League City residents.

No matter what type of rug you have, our Bagdad rug washing experts can clean them all. We don’t apply a “one size fits all” solution to our rugs either—if you have an Oriental rug, for example, we would treat it differently than we would another type of rug. In the particular case of Oriental rugs, we would likely use a greater degree of hand washing than we would for a factory-made rug, since the fibers in Oriental rugs are much more delicate. It’s this careful attention to detail that ensures your rug will get the care it deserves.

More often than not, we combine traditional techniques like hand washing with our cutting edge machines to achieve an optimal clean. To give you a generalized sense of our rug washing process, please review the steps below:

Step 1 – We use a professional-grade vacuum to rid the rug of surface-level dust and particulates.

Step 2 – We submerge the rug in a pool of warm water to wash away excess grime.

Step 3 – We shampoo the rug with a chemical and enzyme-free soap to clear away dirt and grime.

Step 4 – We gently scrub the rug with a soft bristle brush to lift deep-set stains.

Step 5 – We place the rug between two heavy rollers to squeeze out excess moisture.

Step 6 – We rid the rug of potential contaminants by drying it in a climate-controlled chamber.

Step 7 – We make the rug presentable by hand grooming fringes and assuring its cleanliness.

Have you got a rug with frayed ends, or with holes, tears and rips throughout? These issues are a natural part of rug ownership, particularly if it’s an antique piece and/or one that you’ve owned for many years. But don’t despair! Located near League City, Bagdad Oriental Rugs employs rug repair experts who can make your distressed rug look like new again.

For the benefit of our Houston and League City customers, here’s a brief review of the rug repair services we offer:

  • Rug binding – returns backing to unraveling or fraying rugs
  • Rug overcasting – reverses signs of rug fiber wearing or fading
  • Rug fringe alterations – removes and replaces flimsy rug fringes
  • Rug reweaving – repairs rug holes/tears caused by age/excessive use
  • Rug re-dyeing – restores vibrancy to fading or bleeding rug colors
  • Rug remounting – reinstalls rug wall mounts that enable easy display
League City rug cleaning repair

As an experienced rug owner, you already know that different rugs require different rug repair methods. Many rugs, including your own, will likely require one or more of the rug repair techniques described above. At Bagdad, we take a holistic approach to rug repair to ensure that your new or antique rug receives the care it deserves.

League City oriental rug store

League City, TX Area Rug Store

Bagdad has been a Houston institution since 1946, delivering high quality rug repair and other valuable services. Our rug experts can restore antique and heirloom rugs to a like-new state. From worn fabrics to faded colors, we can handle a variety of rug repairs that will extend the life of your rug and leave you completely satisfied with the results.

Conveniently located for people living in League City, Bagdad Rugs also offers a diverse selection of fine rugs, rug care accessories and so much more. Come for the rug repair and keep coming back for our varied rug related services. To set up a rug care appointment over the phone, call us at 713-783-3500 today!