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River Oaks Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

Bagdad Oriental Rugs is a professional River Oaks rug cleaning service that has served the greater Houston area since 1946. You may be wondering: how is it that Bagdad has been able to last for over 70 years?

There are several reasons, from the talented rug care experts we’ve employed over the years to our state-of-the-art rug washing techniques and technology. But perhaps the biggest reason for our success is that we go the extra mile to ensure maximum cleanliness of our customer’s rugs.

If you ever been to a River Oaks rug cleaning store that ruined your rug, you know how painful the experience can be. Unlike those places, however, Bagdad doesn’t douse your rug in harmful chemicals or apply treatments that aren’t appropriate to your rug type. We also don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to rug cleaning or use only one cleaning method—rug washing by hand or machine washing—to remove dirt and grime. Instead, we make sure to inspect your rug fully before devising a rug washing treatment that’s best for your particular rug. In addition, we combine both hand and machine washing so that your rug is as clean as it can possibly be.

Here’s a brief breakdown of what our River Oaks rug cleaning services entail:

  1. Professional Grade Vacuuming for Dust/Particle Removal
  2. Immersion Process in Shallow Pool to Loosen Rug Knotting
  3. Application of Chemical/Enzyme-Free Soaps that Eliminate Stains
  4. Deep Cleaning Process by Cleaning Rug with a Soft Bristle Brush
  5. Flatbed Rug Washing Process for the Removal of Excess Grime
  6. Excess Water Removal from Rug via Two Heavy Pressure Rollers
  7. Specialized Drying Process in a Climate-Controlled Heated Chamber
  8. Fringe Grooming and Detailing Prior to Customer Pick-Up/Delivery

Along with our River Oaks rug cleaning services, Bagdad also offers a superb dry cleaning process for certain rugs and tapestries. If you’re unsure as to your rug’s needs, simply call us at 713-783-3500 for your free estimate!

Have you got a rug that’s in urgent reed of River Oaks rug repair? Is your rug literally coming apart at the seams and in desperate need of reweaving or rebinding? Or is your rug looking dingy thanks to worn out and torn out fringes? If any or all these scenarios apply to you, then contact the rug repair and restoration team at Bagdad!

Whatever your River Oaks rug repair and restoration needs may be, Bagdad can meet the challenge. The rug repair services offered by our expert team include the following:

  • binding to keep rug edges from fraying or unraveling
  • overcasting to anchor rug knotting firmly in place
  • fringe replacement to fill in for missing and/or ruined fringes
  • fringe removal for tattered and/or damaged rug fringes
  • rug reweaving for rug areas that have holes, tears and other damage
  • rug re-dyeing that reverses the effects of color fading and bleeding
  • rug remounting that enables rugs to be hung on wall for easy display
River Oaks rug cleaning repair

You should also be aware that Bagdad is one River Oaks rug repair business that restores a variety of rugs. Name a rug and we’ve repaired it: antique and heirloom rugs, silk Oriental rugs, natural fiber rugs, hook rups, animal hides and so many more. We carefully examine your rug to determine the extent of the damage before determining the means and tools by which we can restore it to its former glory. But don’t take our word for it—bring your rug in for a free estimate!

River Oaks oriental rug store

River Oaks Area Rug Store

So by now you’ve read all about our exceptional River Oaks rug cleaning and rug repair services. But would you believe that that’s not all we have in store for you at Bagdad? Indeed, we have one of the finest, most diverse collection of rugs of any Houston area store. Our rug collection includes pieces from all over the world, including Oriental, Persian, Indian and Chinese rugs. Any of our rugs can immediately enhance the decor of any room, as well as add a touch of elegance and luxury to your home.

Come see our exquisite collection for yourself when you visit our River Oaks area rug store. Can’t make it to the store in person right now? Not a problem! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our stock and services when you contact us at 713-783-3500 or email!