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Richmond Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

Do you realize that your rug could be holding dirt, dust and other particulates deep within its fibers? Thankfully, Bagdad Oriental Rugs is poised to serve as your source for Richmond rug cleaning you can trust. In fact, since 1946 Bagdad has provided thorough and effective rug cleaning, washing and dry cleaning services for the greater Houston area. Believe us when we tell you that we’ve seen every possible type of spill, stain or miscellaneous mess, which makes us well qualified to bring your rug to a state of total cleanliness.

Are you still a bit skeptical about the benefits of our Richmond rug cleaning service? We suppose we’d be doubtful too if we weren’t here to witness the process ourselves. Our state-of-the-art rug cleaning and washing technology furnishes your rug with the deepest possible cleanse while still maintaining the integrity of the rug’s fibers.

Here’s how our Bagdad rug washing process works:

  • First, we use a professional-grade vacuum to remove dirt and dust from the rug’s surface.
  • Second, we submerge the rug in a shallow pool of warm water in order to loosen rug knotting.
  • Third, we apply a chemical and enzyme-free shampoo to remove grime embedded in the rug.
  • Fourth, we use a soft bristle brush in order to lift any of the rug’s remaining particulates.
  • Fifth, we place the damp rug between between two heavy rollers that squeeze out moisture.
  • Sixth, we move the rug to a climate-controlled chamber until the rug is fully dry.
  • Seventh and finally, we hand-groom the rug so that it’s prepared for your arrival.

At our Richmond rug cleaning establishment, we don’t just rely upon hand washing or machine washing—instead, our rug experts utilize a blend of the two approaches in order to achieve the optimal level of clean. What’s more, we also offer Richmond rug dry cleaning services to treat antique or fragile rugs that can’t be cleaned through traditional means. Not sure which of these services is right for you? Contact us today for a free estimate!

Bagdad Oriental Rugs is your best bet if you’re looking for a reputable Richmond rug repair shop. What makes us so confident in our services? First and foremost, our combined years of rug restoration experience enables us to mend every tear we encounter on your rug. Bagdad’s rug artisans have seen it all when it comes to rug damage, which makes them able to recognize the rug repair techniques necessary to make your rug look and feel like new.

Another reason why we’re so sure of our Richmond rug repair is that we don’t take a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we are capable of mending your rug by using one or more of the following rug restoration techniques:

  • Binding your rug to repair frayed or unraveled corners and edges
  • Overcasting your rug to reverse the effects of faded or worn fringes
  • Reweaving your rug to undo the aging process that results in wear and tear
  • Re-dyeing your rug to restore faded or bleeding dyes and colors
  • Mounting your rug to hold it solidly in place on a wall or ceiling

Richmond rug cleaning repair

Third and finally, although our Richmond rug restoration services are of the highest quality, they’re also highly affordable. From minor rips and tears to major rug damage, we can take your distressed rug and revive it to its former glory at a budget-friendly cost to you. In short, our repairs increase the durability of your rug and highlight its aesthetic beauty so that you can enjoy it over the long haul.

Richmond oriental rug store

Richmond Area Rug Store & Rug Sale

Because we pride ourselves on being a full-service shop, Bagdad Oriental Rugs is a Richmond rug store that sells new and antique rugs in addition to cleaning and repairing them. Our diverse inventory includes wool rugs, natural fiber rugs, and even fine Persian and Oriental rugs. Whatever rug type you’re looking for can likely be found at Bagdad. We also offer custom fit rug pads that affix to any rug type and flooring surface, which consequently prevents rug bunching that inevitably leads to rug damage. Our rug pads come with a two-year manufacturer warranty, but we’re sure you’ll find that the long-term investment in comfort and safety to be well worth it.

We hope that we’ve piqued your interest about how Bagdad’s services can benefit both you and your rug. Call Bagdad at 713-783-3500 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you!