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Rug Restoration

Rug Restoration for Antique and Fine Rugs

Let’s face it: your fine Persian or Oriental rug has seen better days. It’s inevitable that your fine valuable rug will experience natural wear and tear, or for its colors to become less vibrant over time. Fortunately, there’s a solution that reverse the years of use and return your rug to its previous state of quality. You’ll need to take it in for a rug restoration at Bagdad Oriental Rugs.

Bagdad’s rug restoration experts will be able to reweave and replace holes, tears, rips and other missing portions. These experts will be able to find ideal fabric matches for your original carpet so that the repair will seem seamless. Moreover, trained rug restorers will be able to re-dye faded or bleeding colors to give your fine antique or specialty rug a fresh new look. Finding the right textures and dyes can be tricky, but we here at Bagdad take pride in delivering rug restorations that will convince even the most discerning rug owner.

Houston Rug Repair and Restoration Services

To begin the rug restoration process, you are advised to bring in your new or antique rug to our Houston area rug store in for a thorough inspection. During the inspection, a Bagdad rug restorer can determine the current overall state of your rug, as well as the resources required to make the necessary alterations. Naturally, certain rugs will require more time and money to repair but we’ll be sure to let you know upfront about these issues before performing any repairs.

In addition to rug restoration, Bagdad also offers rug cleaning and rug dry cleaning services. Depending on your rug’s appearance, it may be necessary to perform these services in order to restore the rug to its full life and vitality. Regular rug cleanings are a key component to sustained rug care, as dirt and other particulates can live deep within the rug fibers. By ridding your rug of this deep-set grime, you can preserve its quality and beauty as well as help to avoid further damage in the future.

rug restoration houston before after
rug restoration houston before after

Contact Bagdad Rug Restoration Experts

For over 70 years, Bagdad has proudly served the Houston area with high quality rug care and restoration services. We take pride in preserving the innate beauty and style of a variety of rugs, ranging from antique Persian and Oriental rugs to the latest handwoven and factory-made designs. Our trained staff has years of experience restoring all types of rugs and making the appropriate repairs. From repairing fringes to reknotting loose piles, the Bagdad team takes its work seriously.

But don’t just take our word for it! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation or feel free to stop into our store in person to see our high quality work for yourself. With our years of industry experience, our track record for delivering top-notch rug restorations speaks volumes.
We aim for total customer satisfaction and will closely consult with you to ensure that your rug receives the attention that it deserves.