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Wool Rug Cleaning

Steps for Cleaning a Wool Rug

Maybe we’re a bit biased, but we here at Bagdad Oriental Rugs think there’s a lot to like about wool rugs. Along with their stylish designs and weaves, they offer a level of warmth and comfort you won’t find with most other rugs. With that said, taking care of them requires a bit of work and attention to detail. But the ultimate payoff—a soft and beautiful you can enjoy for years to come—makes it all worthwhile.

Cleaning a wool rug in Houston can be a challenge due to the dirt and grime we track into our homes. Fortunately, there are a few quick Houston wool rug cleaning steps you can follow to maintain the cleanliness of your prized possession.

Step #1: Shake it off

By that we mean the dirt that gets trapped inside wool rugs. We recommend doing this work outside so you don’t make a mess on your floors, and preferably on a nice, sunny day so you can get some extra enjoyment out of it. Hanging your rug over a sturdy clothesline or porch railing and beating away at your wool rug with a broom should do the trick.

Step #2: Vacuum thoroughly

Usually when we vacuum our rugs, we focus on the front-facing side of the rug people see. But to effectively clean a wool rug in Houston, you need to vacuum front to back on both sides in order to suck up any remaining dirt or particulates that you didn’t beat out of the rug in Step #1.

Step #3: Wash gently

When it comes to professional wool rug washing in Houston, be sure to see the experts. But for the purposes of periodic washing, adding a capful of gentle detergent to a bucket of cool water should be a useful and effective solution.

Step #4: Scrub gently

With your cleaning solution close at hand, get your sponge wet and lightly work the solution into the rug fibers. The idea is to work in the direction of the rug weave and to clean the rug without oversaturating it with water.

Step #5: Rinse, then dry

Once the cleaning detergent has had a chance to penetrate the rug fibers, place your sponge into another bucket of cool water to wash the soap away. Follow this up by blotting up any excess moisture until your wool rug is as dry as possible. If need be, hang the rug out to dry in the sun—but not too long—so that wetness deep inside the fibers doesn’t get a chance to become moldy and unpleasant.

If you need to remove a stain or spill from a wool rug, the key is to treat it quickly or else it will become both prominent and permanent. When cleaning a Houston wool rug, be sure to blot up the liquid. On the other hand, never rub a stain because it’ll only make the problem worse by embedding it into the wool fibers.

Also, for everyday wool rug cleaning in Houston, regular care and maintenance is paramount. As long as you vacuum it regularly and minimize stains as much as possible, you should be good to go. But if you ever need a professional wool rug cleaning or washing, contact Bagdad Oriental Rugs and we’ll be happy to help!