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What Does Your Rug Color Choice Say About You?

If your rug could speak, what would it say about you? Whether you realize it or not, the rug inside your home communicates a lot to visitors, including your personality, your tastes, even your economic situation. And if you have a rug that’s in desperate need of cleaning or color restoration, you might not like what you hear in response!

With that in mind, this article will help elevate your understanding of what certain colors and designs reveal about you so that you can put forth the “right” message.

Red is a color we often associate with royalty or with celebrity—think the red carpets used in formal ceremonies by heads of state or during movie premieres by Hollywood actors. It’s also a color that we link with extreme or intense emotions, such as anger or passion, or with people with active or aggressive personalities. Because a red rug is such a dynamic element to introduce into a room, a little can go a long way. We advise adding a rug with bright red hues to a room that requires a jolt of energy, such as a living room; conversely, a rug that are a darker hue like merlot and burgundy might be better suited to a room, such as a study, that’s designed for quiet contemplation.

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Blue is arguably the most versatile color option, as it can project a variety of moods and marries well with a multitude of color options. For instance, a dark blue rug can express a sense of subduedness, while a light blue rug might exude gaiety. Depending on the particular shade, blue can also be associated with the peace and tranquility one sees by staring out at the sky or the sea, or with a modern, stylish design scheme that makes a simple yet elegant statement. If you’re not sure what your rug “says” about you, consult with a rug design expert who can help you choose the hue of blue that’s right for you.

Green is the first color you think of when you think of nature, so a green rug is a natural fit for those of an environmentalist bent. The color is a natural fit with most furniture, particularly colors associated with nature like brown and black. This allows you as the interior designer the freedom to match, say, a green rug or carpet with a wood table or a leather couch. Like blue, green is a versatile color that enables a creative homeowner to combine various shades in intriguing and appealing ways. A “cool” (i.e., darker) green can work well in a room that requires concentration, while a “warm” (i.e., lighter) green can make any space feel as if it’s been touched by Mother Nature herself.

Yellow is a color that can’t help but put a smile on your face. It’s hard to feel too depressed when you’re in a room with a yellow rug in it. In fact, the only worry might be making sure it’s kept clean! In addition, it’s a color that people commonly associate with friendliness and creativity, which are definitely attributes we all like to think we possess in some form or another. The only downside from a design perspective is that it’s difficult to match with many colors. On the plus side, however, it’s bound to brighten up any room, not to mention the people in it.

There are also rug colors we could discuss, such as purple/magenta, aqua/cyan and black/grey—perhaps we can explore those color options in a future article! Hopefully we were able to provide some understanding about how colors impact us in ways we may not even realize. Finally, to make sure you’re showing off your colors to your best advantage, make a rug cleaning appointment with us so that you can show off the colors that define you with pride!