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Rug Restoration FAQ #1

How do you restore an old antique rug?

When your antique rug needs repairs, it’s easy to tell right away. The rug has missing portions caused by pet or insect damage, the corners are frayed and unravelled due to wear and tear, and the backing no longer holds the fibers together the way it once did. While such damage may be inevitable over the course of time, it doesn’t mean that it’s irreversible. It simply means that it needs to be taken to a Houston rug restoration shop like Bagdad Oriental Rugs.

At Bagdad, we provide a host of rug repair services that will bring new life to your Persian, Oriental or other fine rug. Does your rug have rips, holes or tears? No worries—we can mend them. Are the fringes looking a bit worse for wear? No sweat—we can replace, remove or extend them. In addition, Bagdad’s rug technicians can reverse the effects of faded or bleeding colors so effortlessly and efficiently that you’ll swear that we gave you a new rug!

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What is the process of restoring a rug?

When you visit our Houston rug restoration business, we will thoroughly inspect your vintage or modern rug. Among other factors, here are some of the things we look for during the inspection process: any signs of damage, whether it’s the signs you tell us about or the ones we find; the type of fabrics and dyes used to make the rug; and the type of weave that binds it. From there, we determine the resources needed to make the necessary repairs and perform one or more of the following rug repair techniques:

  • Reweaving: Whenever damage caused by pets or insects leave parts missing in your rug can be quite unsightly, we can seamlessly re-stitch those missing portions so that it resembles its original condition.
  • Binding: Rug binding damage resulting from such household items as heavy furniture or vacuum cleaners can be reversed, which in turn will keep the edges of the rug from unraveling or fraying.
  • Fringe replacement/removal: In many cases, fringe damage occurs from simple wear and tear over the years—in such cases, there are a variety of options our Houston rug restoration artists can employ, ranging from fringe replacement and removal.
  • Overcasting: If you start to notice unraveling along the fringes or the ends of you rug, then an overcast, a type of stitch anchors the knots in place, will likely be needed in order to ensure that the rug doesn’t unravel any further.

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Since 1946, Bagdad has proudly provided professional Houston rug restoration services. Among our wide range of services, we also offer rug cleaning and rug dry cleaning services that will help restore the full vibrancy of your rug and rid it of deep-set grime and hidden particulates that can harm your rug.

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