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Rug Repair FAQ

The Basics of Rug Repair

Can my rug be repaired? This is a question many rug owners ask themselves when they first encounter a rip, hole, or tear. The answer often depends on the extent of the damage, as well as the age, texture, and quality of the rug itself. But generally speaking, most rugs can be restored to their original condition, if not better.

There are certainly occasions when an untrained hand can make rug repairs on their own. So many online how-to videos make the process look so easy, after all. However, there’s no substitute for the expert care and attention to detail that a professional rug repair company in Houston can provide.

And where can one find such a company with a decades-long track record of excellence? The answer to that question is simple: it’s Bagdad Oriental Rugs, Houston’s premier rug repair and rug cleaning professionals since 1946.

How can I repair my rug?

In this article, we will briefly review some of our time-tested rug repair techniques. Prior to beginning any repair project, our trained rug care experts will thoroughly examine your rug to determine its overall state as well as the site of the damage in particular. Depending on what they discover, our experts may employ one or more of the following rug repair methods:

Binding: This rug repair technique modifies edges of a carpet with fabric, adhesives and/or stitching in order to keep rug edges from unraveling or fraying.

Overcasting: Also known as end repair, overcasting is applied to the ends or edges of a rug, thereby helping to prevent or reverse the effects of unraveling.

Fringe replacement/repair: Whether it’s mending existing fringes or removing ones that can’t be saved, fringe work is often performed to maintain the aesthetic appeal of a rug.

Reweaving: Rug damage resulting from pets, insects, or other causes can be undone by carefully matching the original fabric and then restitching the missing portion.

Re-dyeing: With particularly tough stains, fresh dyes can be applied that cover them up while staying consistent with the rug’s original color and design.

Can a knotted hand rug be fixed?

Hand-knotted rugs can be tough cases from a rug repair standpoint in that they are made by meticulously tying every single knot in a rug. As a result, when one knot is undone it can have a chain effect on the other knots in the rug. However, while repairing such rugs can be difficult it’s far from impossible, particularly for our rug repair experts.

Most hand-knotted rugs are made with natural fibers like silk or wool, so as a result they are more expensive and require more care than most rugs. For this reason, the technique we typically rely on to deal with hand-knotted rug damage is a hand-sewn overcast stitch. This technique wraps the thread around the raw edge of the fabric, which prevents the fibers from unraveling. When done properly, overcast stitches are strong and long-lasting so that you won’t have to go back for repairs for some time.

Do you have a hand-knotted rug that needs rug repair? Contact Bagdad for a consultation!