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Does Rug Color Restoration Affect Its Value?

When it comes to rug color restoration, there is one question that our rug repair experts are asked more than any other. The question is this: would a color restoration cause my fine rug to depreciate in value?

In answering this question, here are a few points to consider:

  1. One of the primary reasons the colors of a rug may run or fade is excessive exposure to sunlight. Due to their colorful designs, Persian and Oriental rugs are especially susceptible to color fading due to sunlight exposure. Colors in the red family, as well as colors like orange that use red as a base, are also prone to “baking” in the sun. This problem can be resolved through the use of window films or blackout curtains in instances when it is especially sunny outside.
  2. Another key source of rug fading are detergents that strip the rug fabric of its vibrant colors. This is especially true of rugs that utilize colors in the blue family, as well as colors like green that use blue as a base. Detergents that include chemicals such as alkaline and bleach have been known to make blues fade. Therefore, the best course of action in treating such colors is to either use non-abrasive detergent chemicals or have your rug cleaning professionally done in order to achieve optimal results.
  3. Factory-made carpets and rugs are typically constructed of nylon and wool materials, making them easier to dye and re-dye. Wool and silk rugs can also be successfully re-dyed, provided that the fibers are pre-dyed prior to weaving (preferably by a Certified Dye Master). Knowing the materials from which a rug is made–as well as the manner in which it was dyed–is critical to understanding how to restore it.

In most cases, rug color restorations can be prevented (or at least delayed). Keep in mind, however, that a rug’s colors will inevitably fade over time. This doesn’t mean that a rug’s value diminishes as its colors do–by the same token, a rug color restoration will not make the item any less valuable either. In fact, it can be argued that color restoration increases the overall value of a rug and adds renewed brightness to any room in which it is situated.

For those who choose to restore color to their rug, two options are available: dyeing the rug yourself or hiring a Certified Dye Master. The first option may have the advantage of being cheaper, but the downside is greater if it leads to irreparable damage to the rug. With the second option, however, a rug can be restored according to the rug owner’s specifications.

rug color restoration

Rug Color Dyes

Re-dyeing is a more precise and effective solution when compared to rug painting techniques that use a brush to manually apply the original colors. As opposed to a rug painter who may cause more harm than good, a Certified Dye Master is skilled in the art of blending dyes in order to restore the rug’s colors to their original appearance.

When consulting with a Certified Dye Master, it is important to specify whether the carpet should be restored using synthetic or natural dyes. Synthetic dyes tend to be “purer” and more colorfast, whereas natural dyes are less stable and therefore more susceptible to sunlight. With respect to re-dyeing, the untrained eye wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between synthetic or natural dyes–even an expert may have a hard time telling which was used to restore the colors of a rug. Therefore, many rug owners elect to go with synthetic dyes due to their relative lower cost and wider availability.

The extent to which a restoration artist will bring out the rug’s original colors is a matter of personal preference. Some rug owners may choose to have the piece restored to its original luster while others may elect to go with a more “antique” look. Customers can determine which camp they might belong to by having a portion of the rug treated so that they can decide if it is the right look for them. It is also advisable to discuss the cost of the restoration beforehand so that there are no misunderstandings about what will be involved.

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