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Rug Cleaning Tips for the New Year

For many people, the start of the New Year signals a time of renewal. Arguably, antique rugs need to renewed more often than most people–after all, rugs that were made dozens or hundreds of years ago have witnessed more New Year’s celebrations than the rest of us. As a result, they are more apt to become dirty or distressed as the years go by.

Fortunately, the rug cleaning experts at Bagdad Oriental Rugs have the experience and expertise necessary to care for vintage rugs. In this blog post, we will share some rug care tips that will help ensure that special New Year clean.

Vacuum Lightly But Frequently

With antique rugs in particular, be sure to vacuum gently so that rug fibers are not torn, ripped, or frayed. Close attention should be paid to the front end and corners of the rug, as those are the areas where certain insects such as moths and carpet beetles can be found. Along with frequent light vacuuming, we also recommend a professional vacuuming be performed every few months.

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Wash Thoroughly on An Annual Basis

Depending on the rug’s quality and overall state, we advise that all rug owners have their rugs professionally washed at least once a year. (With that said, some owners may need their rugs to be washed more or less frequently than that.) This is because it takes a trained rug washer to identify and eliminate deep rooted dirt and grime within rug fibers. In addition, they can detect microorganisms that have been living undetected within rugs for months, if not years.

At Bagdad, we use a combination of rug washing techniques. The goal is to employ the right combination of hand washing and machine washing methods that will result in the highest degree of rug cleanliness. These methods bring out the richness of the rug’s colors as well as the softness of their fibers. Along with our rug cleaning expertise, we also provide exemplary rug dry cleaning services for those rugs that are too sensitive or delicate to withstand conventional water-based solutions. This process is most often used for antique rugs, tapestries, and silk pieces that require a special level of care.

For more information about our unique rug cleaning and washing process, click here.

Beware of Unwanted Rug “Guests”

Many older rugs are prone to pests that love to munch on rug fibers and can be hard to get rid of. Often these pests are not visible to the naked eye and can therefore cause considerable damage before the rug’s owners notices that they are there. For this reason, it is especially important to be proactive in making sure carpet beetles, moths, and other insects are not present, particularly for those who own older or antique rugs. For more information on the subject, click on our “Debug Your Rug” blog post.

Final Thoughts

For those looking to get their New Year off on the right foot, call Bagdad today at 713-999-3984 for a free rug cleaning estimate. We hope everyone has a happy and healthy New Year!