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The Basics of Cleaning Area Rugs

For more than 70 years, Bagdad Oriental Rugs has been one of Houston’s leading providers of top-notch rug cleaning services. Combining traditional techniques with cutting-edge rug washing technology, Bagdad is able to deliver results that most rug care companies can’t match.

In addition, the highly trained staff believes in taking a personal approach to rug care. Bagdad takes pride in being a trusted Houston institution that has survived the decades. From grandfather to father to son, and many more generations to come.

Trust the Bagdad team to efficiently and permanently remove dirt, dust, spills, stains, and odors out of your fine area rug. The goal at all times to achieve a deep clean without resorting to the abrasive and hazardous chemicals that cause rug bleeding and color fading, among other negative effects.

Have questions about the area rug cleaning process? Bagdad is always happy to answer them! Keep reading below for some more basic info about how to keep area rugs clean!

What is the best method of cleaning an area rug? 

Bagdad offers a unique, one-stop shop in terms of rug care: not only do they offer rug washing and rug cleaning, they also provide rug repair, restoration, and alteration services, and so much more. In terms of area rug cleaning, Bagdad blends traditional rug washing with sophisticated rug washing machinery, including one of the few flatbed rug washing systems in the Houston rug washing industry.

Area rugs that undergo cleaning will proceed through the following steps:

  1. Dust and particle removal through the use of professional-grade vacuum cleaners and an Automatic Rug Dusting System that removes excess dirt and dust particulates.
  2. Immersion process in which the area rug is placed in a shallow pool of fresh water, thereby relaxing rug knotting and lifting deep-set dirt.
  3. Application of chemical and enzyme-free soaps that eliminate rug stains, but gentle enough not to cause color running.
  4. Deep-cleaning process of shampooing both sides of an area rug using a soft bristle brush machine to remove grit and grime.
  5. Flatbed rug-washing process that places the area rug through an advanced flatbed rug washing machine that pushes out dirt.
  6. Excess water removal by placing the rug between two rollers applying 250 lbs of pressure in order to squeeze out excess water.
  7. Specialized drying process that includes hang drying the rug in a climate-controlled heated chamber.
  8. Fringe grooming and detailing by hand scrubbing and grooming rug fringes to give the rugs a nice presentation before the client picks it up.

Where is the ideal place to clean an area rug?

For spot stains or other minor rug cleaning issues, rug owners are advised to take care of it on their own. But when it comes to more significant problems, such as stains that cause colors to bleed or fade, your best bet to turn to the rug cleaning experts at Bagdad.

Call or visit to schedule an area rug cleaning consultation at our Westheimer-area store. This consultation will include an assessment of your rug’s issues and whether a deep cleaning is required. The Bagdad staff looks forward to giving your area rug the TLC it deserves!