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Professional Rug Cleaning

Should my area rug be professionally cleaned?

Area rugs are a great way to add a splash of color and a sense of style to any home or office decor. They feel great underfoot, particularly with no shoes on, and the soft, thick fibers can provide warmth on cold winter nights. Perhaps best of all is the fact that, unlike full-length rugs, area rugs are small and lightweight enough to be moved around a room.

But in order to ensure that the rug will be in good condition for years to come, it’s important that it’s cared for regularly. At Bagdad Rugs, we recommend vacuuming your rug about once a week. In terms of rug washing, be sure to follow the instructions printed on the label—some rugs are sturdy enough to undergo machine washing, while other rugs made with delicate materials should probably be hand washed with gentle soap and water.

As far as professional rug cleaning is concerned, we suggest bringing in your area rug to our Westheimer-area store for a review. During our consultation, we can assess whether the stains are significant enough to merit a deep cleaning. Bagdad’s professional rug cleaning services combine cutting edge machinery and a dedicated, expired staff of rug technicians to give your rug the TLC it needs.

What is our professional rug cleaning process?

As Bagdad, we take professional rug cleaning to another level. Through a blend of traditional hand detailing and powerful rug cleaning technology, we’re able to provide a deep clean unmatched by our competitors.

Our eight-step rug washing process is as follows:

  1. Dust and particle removal – First, we begin by using our professional-grade vacuum cleaners and Automatic Rug Dusting System to remove excess dirt and dust particulates.
  2. Immersion process – Second, we place the area rug in a shallow pool of fresh water, which helps relax the knotting in the back and helps lift deep-set dirt.
  3. Application of chemical and enzyme-free soaps – Third, we apply chemical-free and enzyme-free soaps that are gentle enough not to cause color running but potent enough to eliminate stains.
  4. Deep-cleaning process – Fourth, we shampoo the rug both sides of the area rug using a soft bristle brush machine that lifts away excess grime.
  5. Flatbed rug-washing process – Fifth, we put the area rug through our advanced flatbed rug washing machine that literally pushes out the dirt.
  6. Excess water removal – Sixth, we insert the rug between two rollers applying 250 lbs of pressure that squeeze out excess water from it.
  7. Specialized drying process – Seventh, we hang the rug out to dry in a climate-controlled heated chamber until it is fully dry.
  8. Fringe grooming and detailing – Eighth and finally, we hand scrub and groom rug fringes so that it looks as good as new when the client is ready to pick it up.

Wherever you may live in the greater Houston area, Bagdad Rugs is likely to be your number one source for professional rug cleaning you can trust. Call or visit us today to find out more!