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Persian Rugs Cleaning

Where Do Persian Rugs Come From?

The term “Persian rug” is generally used to refer to heavy textiles that are primarily made in Iran, which is the modern name of the country formerly known as Persia. Persian rugs are made of different materials, including wool, cotton, and silk, but they are usually distinguished by knots that are handmade on looms. Another distinguishing feature of Persian rugs are their beautiful and vibrant colors and patterns, which stem largely from the individual regions that produce them. If you “listen” closely, you can “hear” the story a Persian rug tells about the history and culture in which they were made.

While this information may not necessarily help your cleaning and washing of Persian rugs in Houston, it may help you appreciate the skill and hard work it takes to create these works of art. When they are treated properly, a good Persian rug can last for decades and can even be passed down as a family heirloom. But in order for it to be enjoyed by your children and grandchildren in the future, you must take good care of it in the present.

In Houston, Persian rug cleaning and rug washing can be entrusted to the experts at Bagdad Oriental Rugs. But with that said, there are a few tips you can use at home to make sure your rug looks its best:

  1. Regularly rotate your Persian rug so that neither side of it gets too worn down. While each case is different and depends on your own personal needs and sense of style, we suggest rotating your rug about every three to six months, particularly if it’s in a high-traffic area.
  2. Have your rug avoid direct sunlight. Much like a vampire, a rug doesn’t respond favorably to too much light, as it can cause dyes to fade.
  3. Vacuum on a frequent and/or on a as-needed basis. This point might sound a bit obvious, but we find that some owners tend to overlook this critical component of the Persian rug cleaning process. Not only will vacuuming keep away surface-level dirt and grime, it’ll help to prevent tears and rips that result from stiff, unclean rug fibers.
  4. Spot clean your rug as soon as spills or stains present themselves. Two key points here: one, quick intervention is key so that stains don’t set, and two, use a light amount of soap and water to dab away the offending spill. Whatever you do, do not saturate the spot with too much water, as this has the potential to ruin the rug.

A major part of good rug care is to have your Persian rug cleaned periodically by professionals. This is important because a Houston Persian rug cleaning and washing service has the tools and techniques necessary to give your rug the deep cleaning it occasionally needs. Think of it like your yearly check-ups at the doctor’s office: in much the same way that your doctor checks on your overall health status to make sure everything is in good working order, your “rug doctor” looks to make sure that the fibers are fully clean and intact, that knots haven’t come undone, and so on.

In Houston, Persian rug cleaning and Persian rug washing services can be found at Bagdad Oriental Rugs. Call or visit today to find out more!