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Flood-Damaged Rug Cleaning

Cleaning a Flood-Damaged Rug

Many Houston residents are painfully aware of the damage caused by heavy flooding. To better prepare rug owners for the hurricane and heavy rain seasons, or for any flooding event, Bagdad Oriental Rugs presents you with some helpful tips on how to salvage your rugs and carpets.

Tip #1. Salvage your flooded rug as soon as possible.
When it comes to cleaning flooded rugs, early intervention is key. Unfortunately, this may not be possible in many cases: the flooding may be too severe to safely retrieve your rug or other household items, and by the time the water recedes it may already be too late.

With installed carpeting that has been immersed in water, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to reverse the damage. Therefore, the only thing that can be done is to throw them away immediately before mold and infectious organisms contaminate your home. But for removable carpets and area rugs, particularly valuable heirloom rugs, seek professional flooded rug cleaning services at the earliest opportunity.

Tip #2. Remove water and moisture from rugs quickly.
If we were talking about spot cleaning a rug, then dry cloths or towels would be all that was required. But when it comes to flooded rug cleaning, more extreme measures must be taken.

First, you will have to rent or otherwise acquire a wet/dry vacuum to suck up as much water as possible. Second, you will have to use several high-powered fans to quicken the drying process. We advise leaving the fans on 24 hours a day over a period of several days, or until the rug and the room in which it is situated are completely dry.

Tip #3. Clean your flooded rug.
Once your rug is completely dry—use a humidifier just to be sure—clean your rug in a washing machine using non-abrasive detergent. At this stage, you want to make sure it is rid of mold and other microorganisms that might damage the rug.

As an extra precaution, once the rug has been machine washed and dried, sprinkle a light amount of baking soda onto the rug and then gently vacuum it out. This will help kill any lingering musty odors that may have lingered due to flooding. For a more thorough rug cleaning, consult the experts at Bagdad.

Repairing and Restoring Flooded Rugs

A rug immersed in floodwater for an extended period of time can develop unsightly stains and unwanted shrinkage, not to mention the fact that it often doesn’t retain its original shape. And that’s just the damage that’s visible to the naked eye—there’s also the unseen mold and mildew embedded deep in the rug fibers.

To properly repair and restore flooded rugs, you need to turn to the rug care professionals at Bagdad. Our time-tested rug repair and restoration services can reverse the effects of water damage. In doing so, we employ the following techniques:

  • Rug re-dyeing of fading and bleeding colors
  • Rug reweaving of worn edges and fringes
  • Rug binding of torn or ripped rug edges
  • Restoring color running to flooded rugs
  • Disinfecting and protecting water damaged rugs
  • And so much more!

For more information about flooded rug repair and restoration, call or visit Bagdad today.