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Antique Rug Cleaning & Repair Services in Houston

How to Make an Antique Rug Look New

For centuries, the art and skill of hand crafting rugs has been practiced all around the world. In ancient times, Persia (now Iran) made Persian rugs while countries as far and wide as India, China, Russia and Turkey hand knotted Oriental rugs. Each of these cultures had their own unique ways of making what we know today to be antique or vintage rugs. The common thread that unites high quality antique rugs are their rich, natural dyes, the fine fabrics—typically wool, silk or cotton—and the number of handmade knots per square inch.

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If you’re ever in doubt about the authenticity and craftsmanship of your antique rug, consult the experts at Bagdad Oriental Rugs. With our many years of experience in the rug business, we can help you determine the value of your antique Persian carpets or Oriental rugs. In addition, we can help you care for them so that they will look as good as new for years to come. Read below to learn some valuable antique rug cleaning and rug repair tips that are worth their weight in gold!

Antique Rug Cleaning

When you have a valuable antique rug, it can almost feel like sacrilege to even step on one. Fortunately, vintage Persian and Oriental rugs aren’t nearly as delicate as that—after all, they were made back in the day with durability in mind. Of course, there are a few antique rug cleaning tips that will ensure it as long a lifespan as possible.

  1. Vacuum your antique rugs frequently.
    You may have been reluctant to vacuum your rug too often in order to preserve the rug fibers and knotting. But there’s no need to fear: an ordinary suction vacuum, when placed on a low setting and used without bristles, will not damage the rug pile. In fact, it’s a good idea to vacuum your rug about once per week so that dirt, dust and other particulates don’t accumulate over time.
  2. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners for antique rugs.
    Keep in mind that the people who hand knotted and made the dyes for your antique rug didn’t have knowledge of, let alone access to, the chemical cleaners we do today. Therefore, it only stands to reason that you want to use the same tools they would’ve used to clean their rugs: namely, a little bit of soap and warm water. When in doubt, take your rug to a professional antique rug cleaning service to get the particularly tough stains out.
  3. Have your rug professionally cleaned on a regular basis.
    While we recommend vacuuming and spot cleaning your antique rug as needed, a professional rug cleaner can more effectively remove deep-set grime and rid your rug of pests that may eat at it from the inside.

Antique Rug Repair

As far as antique rug repair is concerned, we’ll keep our advice concise: do not try to fix it yourself. Unless you are an experienced rug repairer, you will not have the skill to mend rips, tears, holes or fraying without potentially causing unintended damage. An experienced antique rug repair shop such as Bagdad Oriental Rugs can perform such services as reweaving, re-dyeing, binding, overcasting, and fringe replacement and removal at a reasonable cost.

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